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Prepare for Aescension! 

Do you have what it takes to complete the cruel challenges tucked away in an ancient sanctum? Explore your way beneath the lively streets of Paris and find its puzzle. No one has yet been able to complete all the challenges to see what lies beyond. Will you be the first one? 


"Before ancient times, after the war between good and evil, five temples were scattered across the continents, built by the creators to shackle and contain the evil forces of this world. Forged by fragments of its essence, its keys were left to be inherited by mankind. For as long as stories have been told, there’s been a creed of chosen protectors burdened with the responsibility to resist its temptations and promises of power. To keep the secrecy of the temples intact, its existence has been disguised at the heart of our societies, hidden underneath its cities.

Along with the fall of old civilizations, war, natural disasters and the rapid decline of religious belief in the modern world, the temples and their keys have been long forgotten, lost and desecrated. Humankind has yet to understand the significance of the power that lurks within. Luckily, to this day, no bearer has survived long enough to complete the full sequence. Only a desperate fool would attempt to unlock such atrocities. If, in the correct sequence, the temples were to be unlocked, the forceful nature of evil itself will ascend upon the earth, and the chaos of the past will ensue."


Product Owner & Project Manager:

George Eriksson

Graphic Artists:

Valentyn Lyevyentsov

Aulden Carter

Axel Sandstedt

Iina Karppinen


Konsta Heikkinen

Daniel Burt

Sound Designers:

Axel Sandstedt

Daniel Burt


This game was developed as part of  Uppsala University, Campus Gotland's Game Production 2 course. Following is a playthrough, spoilers ahead!


Contact & Inquires: aescensiongame@gmail.com
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Special thanks to Axel Thomsen for lending his voice for the trailer.


Aescension_Windows64.zip 522 MB

Install instructions

Download Aescension_Win64.zip attached below

Extract the folder contents to your desired folder/location

Open WindowsNoEditor

Run Aescension.exe

We recommend running the game on the default settings to get the best possible playing experience. Changing some of the settings might affect the overall experience of the game!

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